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Big B, Katrina to play father-daughter in new film?

By June, Katrina's Bollywood debut movie"growth" (2003) additionally staged Large B for being a protagonist.   Just lately, Katrina and Enormous B and kid and dad performed .
The movie will be led at"Queen" helmer Vikas Bahl in accordance with a record from Mumbai Mirror, also can be titled as"lethal".

The origin included which Katrina, who has enthralled buffs as being a main stream celebrity above her livelihood, will be currently attempting to experiment and also the job suits the expenses now.  The manufacturers have approached Bachchan using a deal to its character, because he supplies an affirmation, along with also also an statement of this undertaking is going to be turned into.

"The picture has been titled'lethal', since the narrative is centred close to a funeral.  Katrina adored the simple assumption, that essentially outlines the protagonist's travel of selfdiscovery with funny undertones, also contributed a second goahead into Vikas," the paper mentioned that a resource as stating.
Katrina Kaif and amitabh Bachchan might celebrity at a upcoming humor that is slice of life as kid and dad.

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